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Indya.Me serves as the hanger of notable Indians.  We regularly add the profiles of notable Indians, who have made India proud and who can inspire others. We also create a nice URL for each profile we generate, e.g. Getting featured here means viral popularity, celebrity status and respect in various strata of Society.

Our Team often selects the candidates for Inclusion by hopping through news, Social Media and various other sources. We are open to the requests for Inclusion, but profile generation is done only after comprehensive verification of the information.

We strongly encourage our readers to suggest suitable candidates to be profiled here.  Please see the information below.

1.The Person must be Indian.
2. His/Her work should be inspiring to others.

How to get Profiled here?

A. You can submit the Profile of Yours or any person you know.

B. Download this Template Document and send it duly filled along with a good a quality photograph of the person/yours to Team@Indya.Me


1. Fill up this Form 2. Send a Good Quality Photograph of yours/person to Team@Indya.Me

C. We ask for links to Social Media viz. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Blog/Website. Please make sure that you provide at least One of these so that we can verify the information conveniently.

D. We verify all the information for accuracy before including any Profile . We do this to ensure the quality of Information provided on various Profiles here.

E. The Final decision to profile a person rests solely on us. We however do not reject  any submitted profile without obvious reasons. So go ahead and submit your profile.

F. It may take some time before we process your request for profile creation, as we get lots of request everyday.


For any queries/information you can always connect to our Team, via Email (