Beerud Sheth

Beerud Sheth

Beerud is a co-founder of SMSGupShup, the world’s biggest Social SMS platform. The platform enables creation of Reply-All Chat, a revolutionary product that allows people to use SMS for communication in smaller groups. Mobile communities allow people to create large groups and broadcast messages to them using just SMS. SMSGupShup today has over 35 Million users with over 3 million groups and communities that share content on topics such as finance, entertainment, lifestyle, health, sports and technology. Brands and enterprises use the service to connect to their customers. The unique Reply-All Chat service enables the CC like functionality of e-mail on SMS and allows multiple people to chat simultaneously in smaller groups. Carriers are using this service today to increase ARPU and offer their customers a truly mobile solution for social networking.

Prior to Webaroo, Beerud founded Elance, the pioneer of the world’s largest online services marketplace. He played various leadership roles at different stages of the company’s growth, including developing product and business strategies, product management, marketing & business development, and remains on the board of directors.

Beerud started his career in the financial services industry; modeling, structuring, and trading fixed income securities and derivatives at Merrill Lynch and before that at Citicorp Securities. His graduate research, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, involved developing autonomous learning software agents for personalized news filtering. Beerud earned an M.S. in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology & a B.Tech in Computer Science IIT Bombay, where he was awarded the Institute Silver Medal.

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