Dungar Singh

Dungar Singh is just 7 year Old Child from Pokhran Rajasthan. He is one of the National Bravery Award Winner for 2011 and the youngest of all such awardees.
On March 27, 2011, Dungar jumped into flames to save his disabled brother.

A fire had broken out at their hut in Rajasthan. Their father was away. Dungar and his brother Mahendra tried to run outside. While Dungar managed to run to safety, Mahendra got caught in the fire.

Hearing his cries, Dungar immediately jumped into the flames and brought him out safely. Villagers then informed the police and called an ambulance.

That day, the elders were in the fields. Dungar was sleeping in his house with his younger brother, Mahendra. A short- circuit caused a fire. The flames started spreading through the entire house. Dungar escaped. He discovered that 5-year-old, Mahendra, was trapped inside.

Dungar has already become a celebrity in Rajasthan. All he knew was that he could not see his brother dying. Perhaps that is why without wasting a moment or thinking twice, he said, he rushed into the house and brought his brother outside.

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