Mittal Pataditya

Mittal Pataditya is a 13 year old girl from Gujarat. She is one of the National Bravery Award Winner for 2011. She is also recipient of Geeta Chopra Bravery Award
This girl gave a tough fight to three dacoits who almost killed her foster grandmother, Kavita Tahiliani. Mittal also foiled their bid to rob the house. Tahiliani, 70, said that Mittal gave her second life.
Mittal’s valour got her the Geeta Chopra Bravery Award for 2011.

On the morning of 7 November 2010, Mittal and Tahiliani were at the latter’s house in Thakkar Bapa Nagar, Ahmedabad. Two marriages were to take place in the family within a month.

Ajit Sinh, an auto rickshaw driver, visited them with two men. Ajit was known to the family. He asked Mittal to get him a glass of water.

As Mittal came out of the kitchen carrying water, she saw the men, armed with knived and sickles, hitting Tahiliani. “One of them pushed Baa on the sofa and sat on her. He was asking her where the money was,” said Mittal, then a class eight student. “I started shouting for help.’’

“I pulled his hair and bit him. He stabbed me,” said the girl, pointing to the wounds at her neck and hands.

Mittal was bleeding profusely.

Hearing her shout, Mittal’s sister, who was at the third floor, came to her rescue. She called neighbours who could nab one of the three men. It took four hours of surgery and 300 stitches to close the wounds Mittal had received.

“She has made us famous. People who say that they don’t want girl child, should look at my daughter,” said Mahendra Raamji Bhai, a proud father. Raamji paints idols in temples. He believes that some divine power was at work when Mittal was fighting the dacoits.

Before she got the Geeta Chopra Award 2011, the state police felicitated her.

Mittal is mad about Bollywood songs and an avid watcher of the tele- serial ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’.

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