Prashanta Shandilya

prashanta shandilya

Prashanta Shandilya is 11 year old Girl from Odisha. She is one of the National Bravery Award Winner for 2011.
On April 12, 2011, after breaking into her parents’ bedroom, five men started beating them up with an iron rod.
They also attacked her father with a sharp weapon. Prasannata woke up hearing his father’s screams. She saw her father bleeding profusely and mother writhing in pain. But without losing composure, she tiptoed into the kitchen.
“I couldn’t watch my parents in pain. I saw the two jars containing turmeric and chill powder. I didn’t know which was what, so I mixed both and rushed back to the bedroom. It threw the powder in the eyes of three of the intruders,” she says. Panic-stricken, the miscreants fled. Studying in Class VI, the braveheart wants to become an IPS officer.

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