Ramesh Srivats

Ramesh Srivats is the CEO of TenTenTen Digital Products, a company which creates Apps for Branding Businesses.

TenTenTen creates custom applications on the internet & mobile that add value & excitement to its clients’ brands. The applications will use the power of social networks to get people to spread the word. You could call it Brand Building 2.0.
TenTenTen combines the brand & consumer insights of traditional agencies with the technology & social media knowledge of digital agencies, to provide Marketers with apps that are useful, fun and always cool.

TenTenTen also creates tools for Marketing Managers to help them monitor their brands on the net, interact with consumers on social media and use technology in better ways.

Personal Life (in his own words)

I used to go under the name of K. Ramesh in school (DAV Gopalapuram, Chennai), and m’dris in college (IIT-Madras and IIM-Ahmedabad), but from the time I started working , I have more or less settled on Ramesh K Srivats. But I like it when people call me Rambo. Very few people do.

I spent many years in advertising. I stuck to agencies which, like me, enjoyed changing their name. I spent over 10 years in HTA (now called JWT) and 5 in Rediffusion DY&R (now called Rediffusion Y&R). Then, one day, I quit. I returned my Vaio, bought a Macbook; chucked my Blackberry, acquired an iPhone; and started a company called Hungry & Foolish Creative Products. For two years, a small bunch of outstanding people (that was us) hung out in an awesome office and generated a bunch of ideas ranging from TV shows to desktop apps. But I realized that what really gave me kicks was stuff involving zeroes and ones. So I shut down Hungry & Foolish Creative Products. I’ve now started a company called TenTenTen that creates apps for brands.

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