Shivesh Kumar

shivesh kumar

Shivesh is the Founder and CEO of which is the Leading Online Retailer for Indian Entertainment Products having customer base in 122 countries. Started in 1993 it was one of the first Websites of India. Currently IndiaWeekly has   a repository of over 7000 titles .

It all started as a web portal in1993  titled Know about India polularly known as skumar’s home page launched by him as a  student at SUNY Buffalo. It was a pioneer at the time, bringing estranged Indians, closer to home and allowing them to keep in touch with India. It contained information about Indian Culture, Language and Literature, Politics, Commerce, Economy, Fianance, Entertainment, Pictures/Profiles of Indian celebreties and other misc information. It was an instant hit, its popularity sky rocketted overnight as it recieved 28000 hits per week (remember this is 1993). Its guestbook which was launched in summer 1994 (click here to view) speaks of the excitement it generated among Indian community and rest is history.

This website went commercial in 1998 as It revolutionized Indian entertainment by becoming the first Indian site to offer online DVD rental by mail. strives to offer its customers outstanding value for their money  by minimizing cost overheads through innovative use of technology

IndiaWeekly has its offices at New York.

Personal Life

Shivesh completed his education at Kendriya Vidyalaya  and Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology before moving to State University New York for  higher studies, where he started IndiaWeekly.  He lives at  Cheshire, Connecticut.

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