Sindhushree B A


Sindhushree is a 13 year old girl from Karnataka. She is also the winner of National Bravery Award for 2011.
On 20th August 2010 Sindushri B.A. & her mother were travelling by city bus.When it reached Yeshavanthapur, she saw that somebody had taken the Purse from her mother’s bag . There were two pick pocketers in the bus .When she saw that the lady who had stolen her mother’s purse was getting into another bus, without telling her mother she ran behind the other bus .The bus had picked up its momentum. She ran and stood in front of the bus & requested the driver to close all the doors of the bus. A lady constable asked to identify the thief .When the thief was identified by the girl it was found that there were 30 purses which were stolen. The timely sense & the courage of the girl not only brought her mother’s purse back but also helped to nab and arrest the thief.

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